I knew little about Steampunks before I was given the commission to photograph them at an event in The Royal Museum in South London. It is fair to say that I still don’t know that much about them apart from that they’re a group of people who dress up in outfits which combine fictional history and fictional future. Some have outfits which reusables what you see if the Mad Max films, others are more of a mix between Dr No and Inspector Poirot, whilst others incorporate kids teddies or pursue the more Tin-Tin’esque feel. The people on the day stated that there are no rules and that it is exactly this which is the attraction. So I will leave it up to you to decide…..

Heather Rosa Heather Rosa Jemma Hewitt Kevin Harris Ian Crichton Clym Dodds, Valerie Olson and Lily Dodds Klif Fuller Matthew Chapman Helen Armes and Simon McVittie Suna Dasi Jane Darnbrough Stephen Woollard, Vikki Thomas, Michael Woollard and Katie Woollard Michael Woollard Keith Errington and Kitty D'Almaine Steve Woodley Kirsty Matthews Joe Slatter Julia Howe Jack Defer Lucy Wills Max Knowles and Emma Knowles Alan Sennett Darren Gooding Scott Harrison Tina Gooding Sue Jones Keeley Bufton, Natasha Pratley, Culain Waterhouse and Eabha Waterhouse Jemma Hewitt