Life of a Flip-Flop

It was with great sadness that I discovered, whilst in Kenya on a job, that my Havaianas flip flops had become a dog’s dinner. That was until I found out that there was a woman in Nairobi who recycled flip-flops into toys and decorative items. The charity employs locals to gather abandoned flip flops from the coast line and then employ people in Nairobi to clean them and give them a new life. I followed my flip flop from the end of it’s current life on my foot to it’s new life as a toy… (Surely a much better life for my Havaianas.

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a_MG_9026 bFlip Flop002 copy cFlip Flop003 copy d_MG_9803 dFlip_Flop-9779 eFlip Flop010 copy fFlip Flop023 copy