From Lagos to London

In collaboration with Channel 4 I worked on some images to help promote the TV documentary “From Lagos to London”. It featured two sets of millionaire siblings and their ventures in Lagos and London. It has become well known that the elite Nigerian upper classes have developed a fond relationship with London and spend a lot of their time and money in the English capital. The twins Ogee and Ozee Mbadwe were posed in front of a chauffeur driven Bentley in the centre of London. We pulled the car up on the cub in London’s Piccadilly Circus for one of London’s most iconic backdrops. We were quick off the mark not to get hurried along by the law. As a couple of minutes passed I called it a wrap, but the shoot continued with many tourists wanting to pose with the twins, in the hope of them being famous. A case of shoot first and ask later. I am sure that even today some Italian tourists are back home, flicking through their holiday pictures from London, explaining to their friends how they met these famous twins but that they still do not know who they are. The two sisters DJ Cuppy and Temi Otedola were photographed in their apartment next door to Harrods. They were still young but one had the fashion industry in her sights and the other had her eye on a career in DJ-ing.

Lagos_to_London-0003036 copy Lagos_to_London-0003200 copy Lagos_to_London-0003086 copy Lagos_to_London-0002854 copy Lagos_to_London-0002986 copy Lagos_to_London-0002898 copy