DEVELOP – portraits of next generation photographers

I agreed to set up a small photographer’s studio for the first event of DEVELOP, in collaboration with The Photographers Gallery, Lottie Davies and Jai Tyler. The idea was to show the young generation of photographers what it’s like to be photographed by an editorial portrait photographer, with the time pressures and small space that is often the case on an editorial shoot. I set up in a small space on the 3rd floor of the Photographer’s Gallery, not much bigger than 5X2 meters. On one side I had a small backdrop and on the other side I had a plain grey sliding door I could use as a backdrop. I was in the middle and with each of the subjects, the young photographers that attended the event, I photographed both close-up in front of the grey door and 1/2 body on the plain backdrop. Different lighting setup on each side and a lens change between each setup. The laptop which my camera was tethered to was facing away from me, so everyone could see how the images looked as I was shooting. The shoot itself took 2.5 hours and I managed to photograph 30 individuals. It felt a little like an attempt to get into the Guinness Books of records as I tried to create 2 setups X 30 portraits and still give my best to make the images look interesting. I think I managed a revealing shoot about next generation photographers, or at least a good attempt to depict a selection of a generation in its late teens/early twenties. I hope you agree.

Well done to Lottie and Jai for creating an inspiring event for many young photographers and thanks for the invite.